Tony Khan is no stranger to the public eye. He has seen a lot of attention on social media in the last year, and also since the inception of AEW, especially because of his brash style of doing business. Confrontational, confident and charismatic, Khan has certainly made a lot of headlines. Recently though, he went into just what his father thinks of AEW and how he acts at shows when he visits.

Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-American billionaire businessman and owner of Flex-N-Gate, The Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL, the Fulham Football/soccer team, and is co-owner of AEW, quite obviously. It was while Tony Khan was on the Culture State Podcast that he spoke about what his dad is like when visiting the AEW shows and what he thinks about pro wrestling.

“He loves coming. So that means a lot to me. So when I see him there enjoying it and how proud he is of how it’s all gone, that makes me very happy. Especially then, I do get to enjoy it a little bit.

But that being said, that’s when I’m running around and chasing people and doing format changes and moving stuff around and coming up with ideas. So, I don’t get to soak it in then as much as I’d like, but that makes me really happy.”


Khan also went into the milestone events that changed the landscape of AEW this year…another source of pride for him.

“We’ve had so many great successes this year,” Khan recalled. “We’ve hit high marks in attendance twice with Grand Slam and with The First Dance. So, great events that set our records in great markets, New York and Chicago. And those events were big landmarks – a record high for Rampage and a record high for attendance in both markets.

For us to have such great growth in pay-per-view is really important too,” Khan continued. “The four biggest pay-per-views we’ve ever done were the four pay-per-views this year. The quarterly pay-per-views really were such a huge success this year. And the two biggest pay-per-views we’ve ever done were the last two, so it’s been a great year for AEW and I look forward to another great year.”

With just about only three years in existence, AEW has undoubtedly come so far already, with a lot of milestones reached. Who knows what other accomplishments are in store for this incredible company in 2022? It sure is an exciting time to be a pro wrestling fan, and many cannot wait to see what the New Year has in store for AEW. The Khan family are obviously quite excited too, as his previous comments undoubtedly show.

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