Bron Breakker is a standout on NXT 2.0 and he gets to work closely with many legends in WWE’s developmental brand. Shawn Michaels has gotten to know the second-generation Superstar and he is obviously impressed.

Shawn Michaels spoke with Denise Salcedo on the current changes at NXT. He also covered other topics like the brand’s future, new and exiting talent, Bron Breakker, and much more. He also talked about Triple H’s absence from backstage.

Michaels said that the NXT changes came a little too quickly and unexpectedly, but that’s been the case for the previous 35 years he worked with WWE. They’re quite effective and lightning fast. They don’t just sit around and wait. That was perhaps the most difficult adjustment for him.

“I think it would be a safe argument to say that everything that we could see about him that works is a direct result of that lineage (The Steiner Brothers) because he’s a wonderful combination of his dad and his uncle, but there’s a purity there. He’s still an innocent, excited, enthusiastic, young man and that energy is infectious. There is believability. He’s not playing a part. He’s being who he is.”


He believes that the fan base is starting to connect. Everyone seems to enjoy Tony and Bron now. There is a need to strike a balance between development and performing a live television show, where ratings and other things are drawn from a financial aspect.

According to Shawn Michaels, this is a totally new group of men and women. No one ever saw the, and even heard of them. The first step is to get the viewer to care about these men and women, and they’re just getting to the point where that’s starting to happen.

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