Jon Moxley used to work in WWE from 2012 to 2019, where he was known as Dean Ambrose. Ambrose had a tremendous career in WWE where he won several titles but ultimately left the company after frustrations with his booking. It seems there is a good reason why a feud with Mick Foley never happened.

It is well known by now that prior to debuting as part of the Shield, WWE wanted Jon Moxley to debut on the main roster as part of a feud with Mick Foley. In the end, that never happened.

While speaking with Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley opened up about his brief feud with Jon Moxley before Moxley made his way to the WWE main roster. Foley didn’t pass the impact test, which ultimately nixed the feud.

“I did not fare well on the WWE impact test. I went to a neurologist independent of WWE and he told me I should never wrestle again. WWE’s neurologist said the exact same thing. This is something that I am so proud of, and it shows I am a wrestler to the end. When Robert Cantu, one of the most respected neurologists in the country tells me I should never wrestle again.


“I look him in the eye and say, ‘I can work an entire match around my left knee.’ He says, ‘Mr. Foley, you struck me as a very bright young man when I met you a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve been doing some research on you, you’ve got a lot to live for. If you think you can find another neurologist to clear you, then that’s up to you. But I am telling you, you should never wrestle again.’ That was the end of the Moxley angle.”

Mick Foley also wished Jon Moxley all the best when he went into rehab last month. We will have to wait and see when Jon Moxley will make his return to AEW television.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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