CM Punk’s WWE run featured several world title reigns with his 434-day reign as WWE Champion that stands as the sixth-longest in title history. After separation however, the animosity between both parties kept on growing. WWE’s ill feelings towards CM Punk still lingers to this day.

It has been seven years since CM Punk’s release but WWE still harbors the same hostility towards him. WWE recently wrote the likelihood of released WWE stars who will be appearing in the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game. On that same page, it was said CM Punk will never be featured in a WWE video game again.

Brian Mazique of Forbes noted that the company management hates him. He further reported that a special Tony Khan edition of a WWE 2K title is more likely than Punk ever being in another WWE video game. That is extent of animosity WWE has got for Punk.

It would have to be the sort of discord that is had between CM Punk and the WWE, whom I’m told by someone with strong connections to the situation, will almost never be in a WWE game. One source said, the powers that be “hate him.”


This aligns with reports prior to Punk’s return to professional wrestling in August 2021. The August report stated that WWE management have unhappy memories of working with the former world champion.

Despite their hatred though, WWE still tried to re-sign Punk back in December 2020. The company reached out to him through intermediaries. Punk did listen to WWE’s offer but talks quickly broke down. Punk didn’t like the fact that WWE started playing games with him. The offer broke down and their hatred for each other is ever-growing ever since.

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