Rhett Titus is currently the ROH World Television Champion, and an overall two-time ROH Tag Team Champion individually. Titus recently recalled an embarrassing moment from his early training days. He disclosed one farting incident during the very first day of his training.

Titus made a guest appearance on the recent edition of the podcast, House of Hardcore. There he discussed about his training under the mentorship of Austin Aries. His wrestling career started off with Aries farting directly on his face.

“Day one, I guess they were feeling us out, and he’s like, ‘who wants to learn piledrivers?’ and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah.’ I didn’t really know there was a certain curriculum you had to follow and yo had to crawl before you walk, walk before you run. ‘Yeah, sure, Piledriver.’ ‘Come over here.’ He puts my head between his legs and he just proceeds to fart on top of my head. ‘What’s the matter with you? You think you’re gonna learn piledrivers on day one?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Really, you want to learn how to take a Piledriver?’ ‘Yeah, kind of.’ ‘Alright, come over here.’ [fart noise]. Rips ass on me again. ‘What did I just tell you?’ Eventually, we got around to learning piledrivers months later. Not on day one.”

There was an entire month gap between Austin Aries breaking wind on Titus and him actually learning piledrivers. Later in the timeline, Titus had his first singles match with Aries at NWA Hard Times 2. Rhett Titus is truly flattered when Austin Aries took his name as an opponent he’d like to wrestle.


Even to this day, if anyone comes to Titus and asks who he would like to wrestle, he would choose Austin. He believes that it is the ultimate test as a professional to hold up against the guy who taught him everything.

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