Taya Valkyrie was previously working with WWE as Frankie Monet. Although she signed with the company in February 2021, she was released from NXT in November amid a huge stint of releases that WWE is now infamous for. This is a shame, because she is truly an inspired wrestler.

Valkyrie did not have a lot of time on her hands while being in NXT. The former NXT star had issued challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship, but only after a month, she was released by the brand.

Valkyrie is currently a free agent, but has a lot of experience on her hands. While appearing on Teasy’s Table, Valkyrie explained what her creative process is like. She also went into how she goes about doing things in the ring.

When I have a vision for something, I can see it. If I’m shooting a promo or whatever the project or the content, I’m very specific in what I want. I’m detailed in that way. I want to execute it now. If we have to do this, we’re doing this now. Then I go back and edit everything together. I don’t have a shot list, maybe that’s wrong, I’m sure if I did a movie, I would need a shot list, but you just have to pick your battles. Sometimes with things you have a ton of time to do and sometimes you don’t. I don’t want to waste time. I’m busy and I have stuff. I know that what I’m putting out there, I have to be proud of and know that’s the best version of it that it can be and let it speak for itself.


Taya also talked about how she keeps her ideas ordered. She explained that her phone has notes on everything she thinks is cool, and even if she finds something out of a movie cool, she immediately scribbles it down.

I write notes in my phone. I also come up with ideas at all hours so I have to make sure, like I’ll watch a movie and be like, ‘that’s cool’ and I’ll have an idea note ‘this scene from this movie, what she was wearing here.’ We were watching Black Swan and how she loses herself because she’s striving for perfection and she wants to be so perfect that she ends up dying and the spiraling mental game that she’s playing. When I think abut Taya, La Wera Loca is a different, crazier version of Taya. I was like, ‘that’s an interesting way of losing yourself and becoming this crazy person.’ Sometimes it’s unplanned and I play those ideas off one another in order to have the vision.

Valkyrie became a free agent after her WWE release. She appeared on TripleMania Regia in order to challenge Deonna Purrazzo. The former WWE superstar has previously worked with IMPACT Wrestling and AAA Lucha Libre before appearing on WWE.

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