The “Glorious Bomb” was an unavoidable meme for wrestling fans for one moment in 2016. NXT wrestlers paid tribute after tribute to the viral song “Glorious Domination,” in various funny situations. For fans of that time, the song and the videos were everywhere.

Johnny Gargano was one of the most famed Glorious Bombers. He recently revealed that the song wasn’t what he thought it was. Johnny said the cruiserweights in the locker room believed the song was slated to be the theme for WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

On his latest Twitch stream, Johnny Wrestling talked about the origins of the song and the meme that grew from it. He said the song was first played as the wrestlers were getting ready for the tournament. He was disappointed to learn that the tune was for Bobby Roode, not the Cruiserweight Classic.

“When it was a Cruiserweight Classic. We were all practicing that Cruiserweight Classic. If you remember it, it was kind of a parade where we would all walk out and stand in the aisle. We were rehearsing that the night before really late. And they played the glorious song. And we all thought it was for the Cruiserweight Classic.


We love the song. We fell in love with it immediately. Then we realize it wasn’t for the Cruiserweight Classic, it was for Bobby, but we still love the song. So I just remember, me and Tommaso, kind of came up with the idea at the gym. We were like, Hey, Bobby, we’re gonna do this thing called the ‘Glorious Bomb’, where we play the song, just raise it up and just kind of nod at the camera or something. So we did it at the gym and it blew up online and the social media guy came up to us like, Hey, this is like a thing. This is like a big thing.’ We’re like, ‘Oh, okay, I guess we got to do this more.’ So we started doing more like in the hotel and Bobby was a great sport too because we were like, ‘Hey Bobby, just stand here for a minute and we’re gonna do it.'”

Johnny Gargano may have been disappointed by the way the song was used, but his NXT run went on to become legendary in its own right. He was the heart and soul of the brand for a long time. Now, he’s moving on to a new phase in his career. Johnny Wrestling seems to be enjoying his freedom to chat and interact with fans more intimately just as much. Things have a way of working out in the end.

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Michael Perry

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