Tay Conti found a new home in AEW after her WWE release and that was for the best. NXT made her miserable and ultimately, she was granted her release from the company last year as part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. It seems Conti has some unlikely help in AEW.

Conti then made her way to AEW and has now seen a significant amount of improvement in her in-ring skills. This is something she had never seen during her time in WWE. 

While speaking on Elite POV, Tay Conti talked about her bond with Brodie Lee Jr., who is also known as Negative 1. Conti revealed that she gets help from Brodie Lee Jr. when it comes to backstage interviews and promos in AEW.

“Brodie is always helping me because anytime I have an interview or like a backstage promo, whatever. He’s always with me like, ‘what do you want to say? Let me help you with the English.’ He’s always saying the words and sometimes I can’t pronounce a word and I’m like, ‘oh, can you help me? I need a different word.’ He’s the one helping me out and going to his mom like, ‘hey mom, tell me a different word for Tay, please?’


He’s always standing by me and if I say something that doesn’t sound good, he stops the interview or stops the backstage promo. He’s like ‘hey, no, no, no. You’re saying this wrong, repeat with me,’ and then he repeats the word. It’s craz. He’s helping me and he’s a nine-year-old kid.”

Tay Conti also revealed that she cried when she got her own action figure in AEW. Conti continues to improve with every passing week and there is no doubt she will become the AEW Women’s Champion one day. It remains to be seen when that will be.

h/t to Wrestling Inc

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