AEW star Trent’s mom Sue prefers to keep herself fit. She recently uploaded a snippet of herself doing some physical training which garnered a lot of attention from the folks.

Sue can be seen doing some serious deadlifts in her Twitter video. Her weights were essentially composed of a couple of paint buckets. The Young Bucks retweeted her video with a funny caption.

“We’ll end your career in the blink of an eye, sue.”

The video is apparently backed by some inspirational anthem as Sue saw the Eye of the Tiger. In the video, Trent asks his mom what she was trying to do. Sue replied that she was preparing for some kind of battle.


Another user commented on her video saying that the Young Bucks changed their names and went into hiding out of fear. Most fans retweeted her video warning the Bucks to run for their lives.

Trent retweeted her video with the caption: “She’s jumped the shark.” Sue being on Twitter was probably the best thing that happened on 2021.

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Gunjan Nath

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