FTR have had a pretty illustrious career at AEW. The team won the Tag Team Championship title in their year. While they failed to defend their title later on, they bagged the AAA World Tag Team Championship title earlier this year in October. They are happy in AEW, but how long are they booked to be around that company?

The duo recently made an appearance on “Barstool Rasslin’,” where they revealed their plans for the coming year. It seems that FTR have no plans of slowing down, with Cash Wheeler discussing the possibility of FTR becoming the “first-ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions.”

In 2022, we are going to get the titles back and we are going to have the title run that we should have had the first time where we are world-beaters.

Dax Harwood continued to add to what Wheeler said, discussing FTR’s future as a tag team. Harwood revealed that the duo do not have a lot of time left on their AEW contracts. However, they are seeing that fact as motivation to make more of an impact before they run out of time.


Because we don’t have very much longer on these current contracts. I don’t know what’s going to happen from there, but we have a short amount of time to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.

Elaborating on the previous statement, Harwood laid out the different milestones FTR want to hit, including winning the IWGP Tag Team Championships, and of course, two time AEW Tag Team Championships.

Harwood also pointed out the difference between having great tag team matches and being a great tag team, stating that his goal for 2022 is to “be in that same conversation with Arn and Tully, Midnight Express, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.”

It certainly seems like FTR have lofty ambitions. Here’s hoping that Wheeler and Harwood get to live them out before their contracts run out. Check out the interview below.

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Abhishek Kar

Abhishek Kar is a freelance writer and a full-time pop culture enthusiast from India. In his spare time, Kar likes to paint.

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