CM Punk famously brought “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour back to mainstream prominence when he adopted it as his entrance music in WWE and AEW. This morning, a Cult of Cornette member began a petition to have the song’s lyrics changed. Cornette famously loves to poke fun at Tony Khan’s promotion.

Shortly after the petition was forwarded to Cornette via social media, he co-signed and signal boosted it. The petition is addressed to All Elite Wrestling. It was started by one of Cornette’s fans. The description asks to change the company to use a parody song created by one of his fans using clips from Cornette making fun of the tune.

“AEW is a wresting company that appears on Turner Television stations with coverage in many other countries.  Currently one of their performers uses the song “Cult of Personality” in response James Mark Cornette (aka Jim Cornette) and his fanbase have created “CULT OF MEAT WITH EXTRA CHEESE” as a parody song available on Youtube…”

Cornette jokingly says that while he doesn’t know if the petition will work, he thinks it would be funny if it collected a lot of signatures. He’s clearly having a good time with the bit. At the time Cornette retweeted the petition link, there were 23 signatures.


A petition has been created to change @CMPunk ‘s theme to “Cult of Meat With Extra Cheese” at least once. Now, I don’t know if it will work, but it would be hilarious if it got a lot of signatures, wouldn’t it???

It’s all in good fun and it’s a good way for Cornette to promote his podcasts. Cornette has been one the major critics of AEW recently. He believes they are wasting the talent of Adam Cole. Occasionally, he does find things he likes about the show. He’d blow his top if Tony Khan actually used the parody, which CM Punk would probably have something to say about.

Jim Cornette’s career in professional wrestling dates to the territory days. He has been a promoter, booker, manager, and even occasional in-ring performer. His vast knowledge of the history of professional wrestling has made him a popular podcaster, but his opinions are often polarizing. This time, Corny’s just having some fun.

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