Pete Dunne is one of the youngest superstars currently signed to WWE. Pete Dunne reveals his thoughts about NXT 2.0.

At only 28 years old, Pete Dunne found himself fighting alongside the NXT veterans at WarGames 2021. Pete Dunne has been in the NXT system for five years now. He is currently being considered to be a part of the old guard of NXT.

On WWE After the Bell, Dunne expressed how he wants to keep the quality of NXT shows that were associated with the black and gold era. He wants to groom the new guys to keep the standards alive. He is always looking forward to new challenges and rise up to the expectations.

“I want to be as competitive as I can. I wanna find the best matches I can. It’s just a different, different crew of people to work with and do that. [I want to] still do me, the same style of match, the same sort of thing, but with a new cast of characters, right. I’m looking forward to different opportunities to work with different guys and also show them what NXT is about. I think for a lot of these guys now. It’s about keeping that same standard that we got NXT known for.”


According to Dunne, the in-ring product has always been at such a high level in NXT. He explains that they have access to Robbie Brookside, William Regal, Finlay, all the way up to Shawn Michaels. Anyone can get a crash course in what this is to keep the standard alive.

“You know, we’re only one big event in and I’m not sure how long now, but it’s still a fairly recent change. But you can see how much of the audience are gravitating towards the Bron Breakkers, the [Carmelo Hayes], you know, people like this. So, hopefully, we’re at the start of something that is just the next evolution of NXT. Like you said, some things remain the same and I feel like that could be the buzz about the whole thing. Going back to your original era, all the way through now.”

Dunne is hopeful that the fans’ anticipation of seeing someone from the NXT in Raw of SmackDown stays alive. That can easily be achieved if everyone’s quality remains to the super high standard.

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