It usually takes an extreme circumstance for WWE to erase a wrestler from their history and never speak of them again. Even Chris Benoit, although a poison name within the company, still has all his matches on the WWE Network. From time to time, though, the company will go out of their way to try and keep particular former employees out of the public mind.

After the company released Jeff Hardy, WWE Champion Big E acknowledged his influence and contributions on Twitter. Fans from around the world expressed their appreciation for The Charismatic Enigma. Meanwhile, WWE took steps to remove Hardy from the conversation. The company has not publicly released any kind of statement about Jeff Hardy’s release.

During last night’s SmackDown in Los Angeles, WWE offered special Staples Center t-shirts that depicted a handful of WWE superstars. Among them was Jeff Hardy. The initial post by WWE on Twitter, which showed Hardy, was captured by fans and posted all over Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, WWE shared a new, edited graphic promoting the t-shirts. This time, the back side of the shirt was covering Hardy from view. This was a calculated move to hide the likeness of Jeff Hardy.


Jeff is currently subject to the standard WWE main roster non-compete clause of 90 days. After that, he will be a free agent. The circumstances of his departure are still murky, so Hardy may spend that time getting his affairs in order before making his next move.

Time will tell if WWE continues to go out of their way to mask their association with Jeff Hardy. He’s been a major piece of the modern history of the company. During his time there, he inspired an entire generation of wrestlers and revolutionized the game with his high-flying, high-risk style.

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Michael Perry

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