Mistico, the luchador who originally portrayed the Sin Cara character in WWE, says he wants to return to the United States. The 38-year-old Mexican star is currently the top face in the CMLL promotion. His original run was considered a complete disaster.

Now, he wants to give it another shot. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Mistico spoke with a Mexican television show, where he said even though he experienced racism and was overlooked, he’d like to return to WWE.

“I keep for myself all of my experience in WWE. I am a person that no matter what happens, I am a grateful person. They gave me the opportunity for a reason, right? They took me there for a reason. And that reason is because they saw something in me and I will always be grateful.

Obviously, and honestly, it was a very great experience. And if one day they invite me to be part of WWE again, I will do it again. I would like to return to WWE. What happened? Many things, but racism is what is most talked about. And yes, I got to experience racism, they did not give me the opportunities that I looked for and that I was promised. Because if they take you to their company it’s for a reason and suddenly they limited me in the ring. And I told them: ‘Well, if you hired me and brought me here, it was because of what you saw of my talent, because of what you saw above the ring.’ And suddenly they cut me off and limited me completely and then you just start wondering what’s going on. It’s because of racism. There are people in WWE who don’t want you to overshadow their [American] talent. I was a star in Mexico and in WWE they didn’t give me the place I deserved. But again, if I get invited to join WWE again, I will do it again. Just to shut up the critics’ mouths. I think that would be a wonderful thing.


Also, I came to WWE at a time when I was a big star in Mexico. Because there was no social media. I think that if I had arrived at WWE today, I would have hit a home run through thick and thin because people are the ones who make us and people adore me. It was in 2011 and it was another time. Twitter was starting to take off and Facebook is only strong in Mexico, not so much in the United States where Twitter and Instagram are the most. The first thing that allowed me to say that I was going to be successful in WWE was the people….

I got straight to the main roster and the Superstars respected me a lot for that. They respected my hierarchy of being the number one box office attraction in Mexico They respected my record. I once wrestled in eight sold out shows in a single day. And among the 500 WWE Superstars, I was ranked No. 3 of those who made the most money to WWE. I have learned to leave all the bad behind and take only the good. You have to leave the ego. I have learned from everything I did wrong to be a better person. I have a lot of injuries and surgeries, but I see myself wrestling for another five years. Wrestling is my life, but I also want to enjoy my family.”

Mistico believes if he returned, things would be a lot different. It seems very unlikely, as WWE is not looking to sign wrestlers his age. His career in WWE will likely remain one of wrestling’s great “What if?” stories.

What do you think of the prospects of Mistico returning to the United States for another run? Let us know in the comments!

Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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