The most recent episode of WWE Raw was main evented by Liv Morgan taking on Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship. The match occurred on the anniversary of the historic Trish Stratus vs Lita match that was the main event of a December 2004 episode. It seemed only natural to have that match go on last.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider reports that the plan didn’t start out that way. The original plan was to close the second hour of Raw with the steel cage match between Kevin Owens and WWE Champion Big E. The Bobby Lashley run-in was planned to follow.

During the day, staffers pushed to have Liv and Becky headline the show. Mostly, this was due to the coinciding anniversary of the first women’s main event in Raw history. Ultimately, that plan won out.

The third hour of the show didn’t perform as well as the first two. Many people within the company noted the online success of the matchup as a positive sign, however. Since Raw ended, the match has over 700,000 views.


The opening segment was originally supposed to have been a promo between Big E and Owens. That would’ve set up the cage match as the main event. Instead, the women’s match was given the spot and the cage match opened the broadcast.

WWE appears to have huge plans for Liv Morgan. It is likely that she will see a title run sometime in the near future. In the meantime, Kevin Owens is likely on his way out, and was placed into the Seth Rollins vs Big E match so he could eat the pin at the Day 1 PPV and protect the others. Bobby Lashley was later added to flesh things out.

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