WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray was all tuned in on Twitter while the latest edition of Monday Night RAW took place. WWE RAW Women’s Championship Becky Lynch faced off against Liv Morgan, but apparently there was something amiss in the match.

Lynch vs. Morgan’s match took place at RAW in Memphis, Tennessee. Many fans started reporting on Twitter that the security personnel present at the event told many fans to remain seated. Bully Ray was not having it at all. Even though it is merely alleged, Ray felt as though this was uncalled for.

Ray took to Busted Open Radio, and questioned exactly what was the point of not letting fans stand up. Reacting to a match is a huge part of enjoying these matches, but the move by security personnel made it harder according to him.

I’m getting tweets toward the end of the show where security is telling people to sit down. It’s f***ing ridiculous. Let me just say it… it’s f***ing ridiculous. A main event is in the ring and nobody’s standing, nobody’s cheering, nobody’s popping. It’s the main event of a Monday Night RAW and you’re not going buckwild?


Liv Morgan’s career received a huge upgrade through a challenger’s match. This is the first time she fought for tooth-and-nail for the title she challenged for. This is why Bully Ray felt that not letting the audiences go wild was uncalled for.

Either you suck as a city, which I don’t think Memphis does, or there are people in that building who are telling you to sit down, thus taking all the fun out of it. If I’m at home and I’m watching that main event from last night, I’m like, ‘Wow, there’s really nothing going on here. These people are not excited. These women must suck.

Ray’s criticism did not extend to the performances given by Lynch and Morgan. However, he felt that because audiences were not given the free reign they usually have added to the lack of entertainment factor in the match.

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