Jim Ross was placed in a very uncomfortable position by WWE back in 2011. Michael Cole had turned heel. Cole made some very unkind remarks about the wrestling legend on television.

The entire run is not fondly remembered by fans. JR thought the entire thing was insulting to the audience, but he doesn’t blame Michael. On the latest Grilling JR, he talked about the unfortunate situation.

“Well I’m sure it wasn’t Cole’s idea. It was Vince or Vince’s number one writer at that time. The lead announcer has to be somebody that the audience trusts. You can’t be an overwhelming character where the character is more important than their validity, their honesty, shooting straight within the storyline parameters, etc. When Cole was the lead announcer and he was becoming a heel,

I thought it was one of the silliest positionings that we had ever done. You want everybody to trust this guy. If this guy’s a heel and he’s lying, exaggerating, and then he says, ‘Man, I’ll tell you what, Triple H is maybe the toughest guy in all of WWE.’


Do I believe that broadcaster or do I think he’s bullsh*tting me in his heel character?’ Does he really mean that?  Whereas if he had been a babyface and didn’t have that tainted history of being a heel, then all of a sudden, there’s no issue. You believe him.”

Michael Cole recently revealed that he is suffering from severe hearing loss. He became the main voice of WWE when Jim Ross went part time and, eventually, departed the company. Even he wasn’t a fan of his heel turn.

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Thanks to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription!

Michael Perry

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