JONAH is currently a free agent after he got released from WWE. Recently he talks about navigating free agency and landing in IMPACT and NJPW STRONG.

Bronson Reed is a former NXT North American Champion. He went from that to having dark matches during main roster events. He was released by WWE where his run spanned a short period of just two months.

Despite only having a 30-day non-compete clause, JONAH has waited about 90 days before making his first moves appearing in NJPW STRONG. He even appeared at IMPACT Turning Point to lay out the former World Champion, Josh Alexander.

In an exclusive interview with Sean Sapp, JONAH revealed why he chose New Japan. He said that the promotion entered his mind as soon as he was released.


“When my time was up with NXT, the first place I thought of was New Japan Pro Wrestling. I wrestled for NOAH for quite an extensive stay for 2013, 2014, 2015, so Japan has a place in my heart when it comes to professional wrestling. When the time is right, I’ll be back in Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Right now, I’m going New Japan STRONG shows and it’s great. It’s a great mix. The last STRONG just had Josh Barnett against one of the Young Lions. Getting to see the Young Lions and the way they progress and the way they are taught in LA Dojo is something that I always put over and let people know, ‘that’s how you do it.'”

He added that his loyalties are to New Japan first and now with IMPACT on board, they are up there as well. He wants to make sure he will be able to do both at the same time and not step on one or the other’s foot.

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Quotes via Fightful.

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