Bryan Danielson is now in AEW, but there was a time when everyone knew him as Daniel Bryan in WWE. That run as the Beaded GOAT for Vince McMahon’s company almost came with a much different name.

WWE likes to change up someone’s name so they can copyright it. This is a process and several names are always pitched. The goal is to land on a good one, but some of them are way off base.

While talking to TV Insider, Bryan Danielson revealed that WWE had a different idea for his name. They pitched “Buddy Peacock” and that was not a winner at all.

“I laugh because it has happened with the same people who knew me in WWE. CM Punk has been on both sides of the spectrum. When I first came up to NXT in the original season. That was the beauty in changing my name when I went to WWE. People who were on the independents knew me as Bryan Danielson. It was better than some of the other names I pitched, like Buddy Peacock. Jim Ross may have known me a little bit as Bryan Danielson, but he wasn’t intimately connected. Daniel Bryan is how I made a really big name for myself. So, I get it.”


Since WWE is on Peacock now, they might want to dust off that name and give it to a Superstar for a nice tie-in. We’ll have to see if that happens, but Bryan Danielson certainly dodged a bullet with that one.

Would Buddy Peacock have won the WWE Championship? Sound off in the comments!

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