Aside from the legions of Danhausen heads, eagle-eyed fans may have seen several anti-AEW signs in last night’s Dynamite audience. Some of them contained phrases popularized by wrestling legend Jim Cornette on his podcasts. Many AEW fans wondered why people would spend money to see a show they didn’t like.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that one group of fans had several Cornette-themed signs. Dave speculates that the fans may have been trying to get the signs confiscated to cause a scene. AEW left the fans alone.

“There was only two guys, but AEW doesn’t confiscate signs because they were there and, you know, nobody took their signs and nobody accosted them or anything. You know, there were a couple on Cody — it was the same guys.

There were a couple anti Cody and anti AEW and the ‘Outlaw Mudshow,’ but they were doing that. They were Cornette fans. I don’t know what they were thinking if it would be confiscated, because WWE would, but AEW let them do it.”


WWE has a history of confiscating signs from fans. They even made fans hand over signs for Sasha Banks in the past. Signs for Bray Wyatt were confiscated after his release from the company.

Apparently AEW is taking a more relaxed approach. Both companies have their own approaches to how they want their product to present to television viewers. For now, at least, AEW is allowing fans to do their thing.

What did you think of the Cult of Cornette members in the AEW crowd? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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