WWE held another Survivor Series event and the company had their reason for booking the event like they did. It also gave a pretty clear indication of where they are heading from this point on.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer broke down WWE’s Survivor Series booking. He put it out there that WWE’s mindset for who they want to push later on was evident by how they eliminated participants in the Survivor Series matches.

They have a mindset where they don’t want their stars doing jobs on television. So, for this one the whole thing was, anyone who they thought was a top guy they protected. So, the idea was that they didn’t want to beat Owens, they didn’t want to beat Lashley. They probably shouldn’t have beaten Drew even though his team lost, because Roman Reigns vs Drew is a big program that they have, you know planned for some point in the future. So, this is what they do. They do double count outs.


The plan to eliminate stars from the Survivor Series match via count out might have worked years ago, but a point was made that modern day pro wrestling fans see through that booking choice. If anything, it is a good sign for Kevin Owens and others that the company wants to keep them protected as they continue.

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