Triple H’s responsibilities in WWE have changed bit in the last couple of months. He also had a cardiac procedure that required a lot of time at home. He is back to work, and was recently spotted touring the site of WWE’s new officers. There is also no way he’s leaving Vince McMahon’s company.

The rumor mill is always churning, especially when it comes to big time guessing in WWE. Some fans were chirping about Triple H exiting the company after Vince McMahon greatly diminished his responsibilities on NXT. The thought was that Triple H is starting his own company.

This rumor made its way onto the Wrestling Observer Forum where Dave Meltzer commented to set the record straight. Triple H didn’t leave WWE’s daily operations for any other reason except for the fact that he had a cardiac procedure done.

“He has serious health issues nor does he have the money to be able to start a company,” Meltzer said, “This is much to do about nothing.”


Triple H might be one of the most solid “WWE lifters” around. He married into the McMahon family and maintains a position of great power behind the scenes. Of course, his extent of pull in an on-screen capacity is limited, because Vince McMahon still holds 100% creative control over his company’s product.

There are still plenty of people who are looking toward Triple H to be the man who can handle those daily creative operations whenever Vince McMahon finally steps down. That bring said, Triple H isn’t starting his own operation to compete with his father-in-law.

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