WWE released another crop of Superstars on November 4th, and that was a surprise for a lot of people involved. Although losing your job is never a good thing,

Grilling JR podcast featured the WWE Hall of Famer giving out some advice to those in WWE who just recently lost their jobs. He wanted to make a very solid point that even though someone might get cut that doesn’t mean their career is over by a longshot.

“That’s what I would look at, take this time to better yourself, get bigger, stronger, faster, clear your head, be with your family. But I can tell you this, getting cut from the WWE or AEW or any other company, because you get cut doesn’t mean it’s over.”

“I hope they listen, I feel for you but don’t jump down the rabbit hole of ‘I’m just going to get away from everything, I need time’. If you need time, take time but don’t get up in the morning thinking I don’t know what I’m going to do, this is horrible.”


“Yes, this is horrible but get over it. Get over it and move forward and prove yourself and try to regroup because there’s a lot of folks doing wrestling right now.

“If you’re ready, willing, and able and you’re a good locker room person, what the hell, give that a shot. Something else is going to come around, that’s the main message I would give them.”

Odds are WWE is not finished cutting Superstars. At this point, it seems that mass cuts can probably be expected every quarter. Hopefully, all those people who lose their jobs will continue on and realize the great talent they possess as WWE cut them due to “budget cuts.”

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