Charlotte Flair certainly has quite the fanbase, but some aren’t entirely sold on The Queen. “Dirty” Dutch Mantel, who in WWE was most recently known as Zeb Colter, isn’t a fan of Charlotte Flair. He managed Jack Swagger and Cesaro, and he isn’t at all convinced with Flair’s promo skills it would seem.

It was while speaking on Smack Talk, that he unloaded all of his negative feelings on her promo this week. She took more shots at Becky Lynch, who was not present, calling her a ‘fabricated champion.’ Mantel had other issues with her delivery, however. He said:

I’m not a big fan of her. I don’t know why, she says the right words but to me it’s just her saying words and she’s not going all out on the promo. She’s not buying the promo herself, it looks like to me. She’s not committed to it. And even if you’re not committed to it, you’ve got to deliver it.

She says the words but you don’t feel the words. It looked like at one point tonight she kind of got lost and put her head down a minute to think, ‘Where am I going next?’ She had the people saying, ‘Uh oh, oops.’ Everybody else might be crazy about her, I don’t know why. Nothing with her work, she works great but I just don’t feel her at all,”

If you question the validity of his opinion, perhaps you shouldn’t. He had runs in the NWA, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, TNA and of course WWE. Perhaps what is most important to remember about this man, is his instrumental involvement in the rise of one Steve Austin. It was actually Mantell that gave Steve the ‘Austin’ portion of his name at the start of Steve’s career.

Domenic Marinelli

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