Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is pretty much always in the news, as we here at Ringside can surely attest. If it isn’t promoting a new flick – as he’s doing now with Red Notice – then it’s promoting his very own brand of tequila (Teremana), or even trending worldwide because of some sick photos of him in the gym, or rather the Iron Paradise, as he calls it.

Dwayne doesn’t forget where he came from, however, and that was in the realm of professional wrestling – the hub of that realm, if you will – the WWE. In a recent interview while promoting his aforementioned new film, that he talked about the WWE and returning to the platform that launched his career.

“I don’t take any of this for granted. I came from that world and love that world of pro wrestling and grew up in that world. I cut my teeth there and had my debut many moons ago in New York City, Madison Square Garden, Survivor Series for WWE. I always say…if you’re a wrestling fan, then you understand.

If you’re not a wrestling fan and you don’t understand, that’s totally cool, but the context I like to give people is, I have been lucky and blessed to have the career I’ve had, but there is no greatest connection than the one I have with the audience and it all started there in that world. It forced me to think on my toes, live crowd, talking shit, but it also forced me to listen, really listen to the crowd.

I would want to go one way, and I’d say something, but I would hear the reaction and go, ‘Ah, maybe I should go this way.’ My time in WWE will always have such a special place in my heart and that’s why I love going back whenever I’m able to.”

It was rumored that he would be facing his cousin, Roman Reigns at WrestleMania next year, but he shot those rumors down, as we’ve already reported.  

Of course a semblance of his true life story can be seen in his NBC sitcom, Young Rock, which is pretty close to the true stories he’d been telling about himself for years. The narrative on that show is true to what we’ve seen of the man, and he’s a pretty open book. If he so chooses to return to WWE, it’ll be when he can guarantee that it’s the right thing for himself, the people and WWE.

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