Bronson Reed (now known as JONAH) enjoyed working with Nash Carter and Wes Lee. Reed wrestled with MSK in six-man match at Takeover: In Your House. Reports recently surfaced that NXT fans were trying to sabotage MSK during tapings. JONAH recently shared his thoughts on the strange fan behavior.

Talking to Wrestling Inc, the former North American champ said he sympathized with MSK. He opened up about what it’s like when fans hijack matches and start giving wrestlers unintended reactions. Reed said it was never pleasant.

“I mean, I understand what it’s like to be attacked by a certain group of fans. I’ve had it before in the past,. I still have it now. I still have my haters online, usually, not at live shows. Online is where they live, and they get on the YouTube comments, usually, to sort of try and give me some crap, but it’s whatever. But at live shows, it sort of sucks because it does hijack the matches, and then it does make it confusing for people watching at home when you got these babyfaces getting booed for some reason, and it seems like it’s something to do personally. I’m not 100% sure what it’s about, but I always got along with those guys. I think they’re very entertaining, but I did even notice it back then when I was teeming with them in that six-man tag.”

JONAH also talked about where he might wind up next. Reed signed long-term deal with WWE just before being released. Now, he’s looking for the next challenge in what has already been a compelling career. He’s been in talks with some big players and is considering his options, including AEW.


“I was always one to watch what they were doing, I would watch, obviously, our show. I would watch their show, and I used to like to compare and see what could we do that was different. Whether the producers, writers, creative went down that road, was another thing. I think they’ve done really good to be able to build their own fanbase, as well as, not steal, but obviously have a lot of core WWE fans now. I have a lot of friends from back home that are like, ‘I’m not watching WWE anymore. I’m going to watch AEW,’ and that’s not just on WWE, but obviously on AEW putting out a good product every week. I think they’ve done a great job to be able to not only come up with something that’s unique and theirs but to compete with WWE.”

Bronson Reed’s memorable NXT run will make up only one chapter of his career. He’s got interest from around the world, particularly New Japan. The sky is the limit for this talented grappler. Fans are looking forward to the next time they can see JONAH on the national (or international) stage.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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