Becky Lynch recently debuted a new gimmick, including Elton John glasses. While this new version of The Man is certainly flashy, it seems like not everyone is a fan.

Vince Russo is not shy about dragging anyone he sees fit, and that includes The Man. While talking on the latest episode of “Legion of Raw,” Russo brought Lynch into the conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone where he dragged her new getup.

Bro, look at Becky when she was cutting the bloody promo when Nia Jax busted her open, look at that Becky, and look at Elton John Becky tonight. How did we go from A to Z bro?

It seems that Russo was done just comparing this new version of Lynch to her back in 2018, as he continued to call her “half comedian, half wrestler.”


Now she’s wearing Elton John glasses and all these bright clothes and she’s half comedian, half wrestler, no bro, you are the tough chick from Ireland who got her face busted. How did you become Elton John? It’s all forced bro.

Lynch has been gaining quite some notoriety as of late. Fans will remember her controversial victory over Bianca Belair, in the fight to defend the Raw Women’s title. It seems that this new getup has stirred the pot yet again. Check out Russo’s interview below.

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