Jon Moxley debuted at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 and became one of the mainstays of the company since then. He is also confident when it comes to AEW getting more fans thanks to its diverse product. It seems Moxley isn’t a fan of ladder matches.

Moxley also isn’t afraid of competing in ultra-violent matches as he made a name for himself in such matches in the past. This includes his matches against GCW legend Nick Gage.

While he is certainly more than used to performing in deathmatches, it seems that love doesn’t extend to ladder matches. This is despite the fact that Moxley has competed in quite a few in his career.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Jon Moxley talked about his reaction when he was booked for the Casino ladder match on October 5. Moxley said that he tried to use every excuse possible with Tony Khan in order to get out of that match. This is because he really hates ladder matches.


“I swore to God that I would never do a ladder match again for the rest of my life. I hate ladder matches. I’m not good at ladder matches. They’re not my thing. I hate them. I feel like ladders have taken more years off my career…they fuck you up. Fans don’t even truly they see all these bumps on the ladders, I don’t think they truly appreciate how much it fucks people up. Elbow chips, fucking your back up. I don’t fuck with ladders anymore.

My thing was like, ‘I don’t do ladders.’ I do other shit. Ladders, not my thing. I was like, ‘I ain’t doing another ladder match again.’ I’m not what you call a high flyer. There’s no reason for me to climb a ladder and what the fuck am I doing? Falling off the thing? For what reason? I was over ladder matches. I swore I would never do ladder matches again. Until Tony books this ladder match. We’re talking and he’s like, ‘I need some star power in this match. For reasons, you need to be in this.’ I’m like, ‘Motherfucker.’ I tried every excuse. Ultimately, he’s the boss, he’s paying me, I’ll do my best. I’m on the team.”

Jon Moxley is certainly having the time of his life in AEW and it is certain he is glad to leave WWE as Moxley was able to expand his horizons and compete the way he wanted to. He is currently in the AEW World Title Elimination tournament and we wonder if he will be able to win the whole thing or not.

h/t to Fightful for the quotes.

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