Triple H is certainly a veteran in the pro wrestling world and is one of the most important figures in the company’s history, being one of the mainstays of the Attitude Era. His career spanned several World Title reigns and memorable moments throughout the years. It seems he pulled to keep a racist line in a WWE promo.

Triple H is also infamous for burying fellow pro wrestlers and there are multiple instances of that taking place, even as early as his DX days. It was said that he even refused to put over D’Lo Brown during an important feud.

Former WWE manager Zeb Colter used to manage former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger in the company. Colter would often voice anti-immigration beliefs and claim to defend free speech. It seems Colter once felt WWE’s creative team went too far. This is because they asked him to use the controversial line “affirmative action” during a promo exchange with Titus O’Neil and Darren Young of The Prime Time Players

While speaking with Smack Talk, Zeb Colter talked about going to Triple H to remove a controversial line from the aforementioned promo. However, instead of removing it, Triple H pulled to keep the racist line in the promo.

“Zeb Colter was supposed to be the right-wing radical, but the way I was doing my interviews, it made sense, and a lot of people were agreeing with me. They wanted me to go out one time and I was talking to Titus and Darren Young. [WWE management] wanted me to say what I got against them is ‘affirmative action’ and I went ‘Guys, I don’t wanna say that.

They said ‘Oh yeah, that’s what they want you to say.’ I asked ‘Why?’ I said ‘I guarantee you, when I go out there and I say that, now I’m racializing – I’m just making Zeb Colter a straight out racist.’ They said ‘Well, do this,’ and I then went to Triple H and said ‘Hey man, you’re gonna kill this character,’ and he did say this: ‘Okay, say it. If they don’t respond then take it out.’”

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger’s pairing eventually came to an end after fans simply got tired of them. It is not known why Triple H didn’t immediately remove the line from the promo and perhaps we won’t ever know.

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