Jazzy Gabert, Marie Kristin Gabert, or rather the Alpha Female, as she has also come to be known during her pro wrestling career, has taken to Instagram to let her fan base know that she’s hit rock bottom, sadly. The 39 year old German started wrestling in 2001 and has made her way through many promotions since her debut 20 years ago.

She has wrestled for EVE, in Japan quite extensively, for TNA in 2014 and of course for WWE. She competed in the now highly regarded Mae young Classic and had a spot on NXT UK until 2020. She decided to opt out of her NXT UK contract, opting instead to start her very own promotion called SIRIUS Sports Entertainment. She references this in her Instagram post, claiming to a hopeful return to working on her goals for it.

“It’s all gone in an blink of an eye. This month I hit rock bottom. Literally. I’m in hospital. Needed surgery, don’t even ask. I had to give my puppy dog Lucy away for few days till I’m out of the hospital, which makes me so sad. My car broke down beginning of the month, had to get a new one. Taxes guys send me a letter and somehow I had to pay rent too. The savings are gone now. Thanks to the Rona. 

On top of that I lost my day job just a week ago. It was supposed to give me some secure income. But once again, life showed me that there is no security. So in an blink of an eye I lost my

Love/ family

I don’t know how I end up in these situations again and again… I remember I’ve been here before… But you know what I also remember… After a great fall great success came my way. So now I have time and I will use my time to work on my health /body and mind. I will work on my Sirius project. Make sure that there will be a kick ass show on 2022-02-20

I have no idea how, but I will figure it out. So what is the moral of the story…. GRATITUDE. Please, be grateful for what you have right now. Your family (always first) your job, your home, your passion… It could be all gone in an blink of an eye.”

She doesn’t go into detail about what surgery she needed, but judging by the images on her posts, she is receiving some sort of blood work. We wish the Alpha Female a quick recovery and a speedy return to the ring.

Domenic Marinelli

Domenic Marinelli is an author and freelance writer/journalist. Some of his work has appeared in The Sportster, E-Wrestling News, Pro Wrestling News Hub, The Recipe, babbletop.com, Guilty Eats, Par Ex News, CFL News Hub, Daily DDT, XFL News Hub, as well as other print and internet publications. He is the author of Generic V, Summer of the Great White Wolf, His Old Tapes (stories & poetry), and so many others. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's an avid reader and loves hiking.

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