Brooke Hogan is not shy at all when it comes to talking about her legendary father, Hulk Hogan. Now, she’s sharing her thoughts on the famously strained relationship between the Hulkster and the Macho Man.

Brooke recently did an interview with the Hollywood Raw Podcast. She talked about a wide array of subjects, but one of the most intriguing was when she spoke about the tension between Hulk and Savage.

“It was so sad that he passed so soon. He and my dad had just saw each other and made amends or whatever. I guess there was a little hiccup just with Randy and Liz’s break-up, you know, and my parents kind of got caught in the middle of just like… we don’t know what to do at this point.”

Brooke did not share details about why Randy and Elizabeth’s divorce damaged his friendship with Hogan. She says that Hulk still gets upset when he thinks about what happened.

Hogan and Savage’s wrestling storyline through 1989 until their match at WrestleMania V seems to have crossed over into real life. In the story, Macho Man became jealous at Hogan’s protectiveness over Liz, his real life partner at the time.

“My dad and Randy were really good friends, so close, and it just really still … to this day, it still really upset my dad when he thinks about it for a while. It’s emotional for him, you know, Randy Savage was such a great guy. He was so nice and so funny and just gentle and just sweet.”

Hulk Hogan is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and co-hosted WrestleMania 37. Randy Savage received a 2015 induction to the same HOF after his untimely death in 2011.

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