Renee Paquette made her departure from WWE in the summer of 2020. While fans were sad to see the beloved host and commentator go, they had anticipated this since Paquette’s husband, Jon Moxley had left the promotion the previous year.

Paquette recently appeared on “The MMA Hour,” where she reminisced her WWE days with Ariel Helwani. Among other things, Paquette recalled the time Vince McMahon lost his cool with her.

The incident in question involved Tyson Fury, Samoa Joe, Booker T, and Beth Phoenix. Apparently, what set McMahon off was that Paquette referred to Fury as “The Gypsy King” instead of the “Lineal Champion.”

[Vince McMahon is] in my ear, he goes, ‘You f*cking ruined it!’ Screaming at me, telling me that I ruined this segment because I did not refer to Tyson Fury as the Lineal Champion.

Tyson Fury does in fact go by “The Gypsy King.” Whether McMahon was unaware of this fact, or simply wanted Paquette to refer to him by a new title is unclear. Check out this clip from the interview below.

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