Miro has been red hot in AEW since debuting his ‘Gods Favorite Champion’ gimmick. Fans felt he was snubbed when he wasn’t included in the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament. Part of the brilliance of Miro’s character is that he values his God and his wife above all else, even as a heel.

His wife, CJ Perry (formerly Lana in WWE) recently talked to fans during a virtual signing event with HighSpots. During the session, she let fans in on the fact that she tried to get The Redeemer to make an OnlyFans page.

Lana also mentioned that the only form of entertainment she is not open to is OnlyFans. She said it’s because Miro doesn’t let her.

“I stay open to all forms of entertainment except for OnlyFans because my husband doesn’t allow me. Every time he’ll be like, ‘Do what you want!’ I’m like, I guess that means don’t do it. I was trying to get Miro to do OnlyFans and [shakes head no]. Really? I feel like you just have to find your group of people. But there might be a ton of people that might want to see Miro’s naked body. Or not even naked, just those jacked thighs. But also he loves himself so much.”


While Miro’s jacked thighs might be appealing to many, Lana clarified that she would do OnlyFans tastefully if she were to try it with Miro. She suggested that they might only show pictures of the powerhouse’s feet.

CJ Perry hasn’t been seen on a wrestling television program since June 2. Fans have been clamoring for the beauty to join her husband in AEW. She’s been counting down the days, as well.

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Michael Perry

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