Cody Rhodes has established himself as a visionary in the pro-wrestling world. As he engages in feud with Malakai Black while running the business side of things as well, Rhodes has been noticing his competition well. Being a former WWE superstar, he has insights about WWE that others wouldn’t.

AEW Rampage & WWE SmackDown went toe-to-toe against each other over the course of 30 minutes. While SmackDown won overall, AEW Rampage came out victor in the 18-49 demographic by a significant margin. Taking to the Kevin & Cory podcast, he revealed his thoughts on the matter.

It’s a bigger deal for them. I don’t mean to sound bullish or anything like that, but if they were under the impression that they were going to win in that key demo, there are plenty of people behind the scenes at WWE who are brilliant and great people, but I think there are people in the industry, non-wrestlers, people who have never even stepped in the ring, who are leading them down a business path while the business isn’t there. We’re an alternative, they’re the juggernaut of this space, we’re the alternative brand. If you’re looking at metrics and you work in the offices of that company, you do have to be aware that there is a seismic, SEISMIC, earth-shattering shift in the wrestling business. 

Cody said that such a “seismic” difference was emergent in the 80s, when WWE had all the ground to themselves to cover. They deserved it, but being in a company which is currently making similar moves, he said that AEW should do everything in their power to give the fans the entertainment they want.


The last time there was this type of shift, was in the mid-80s when WWE was taking every territory because he had the TV and they were making a better product and they deserve all the praise they did, but it’s definitely an unreal time. As someone who is an executive in the company that is making these moves; you ask me when I’m standing in the ring with a microphone in my hand and I’m gonna give you the most competent answer, but it is also very overwhelming to be sitting here and talking to you guys, that’s the responsibility. Great power, great responsibility. If the fans are choosing us and not the others, we have to make sure we give them everything they want and continue to give them the promise of a wrestling company led by wrestlers and Tony has done such a great job in terms of doing that, really led the ship in a great way.

Cody Rhodes is apparently unhappy about fans thinking he’s going to be Luchador. The AEW superstar and executive likened himself to Woody from Toy Story in rather bizarre way. Brandi Rhodes recently said that she is not worried about her husband overexerting himself with work.

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