Becky Lynch really stepped up her social media game when she became The Man. That new persona pulled no punches on social media as she trolled Ronda Rousey and others. It turns out that despite her usage of social media like a razor-sharp sword, Becky Lynch isn’t the biggest fan of the culture it can harbor.

While speaking to Out Of Character, Big Time Becks went into the idea of social media while saying that it is an “angry” and “unhealthy” place. That doesn’t stop her from using it, because it is part of her job to do so.

“When I turned into The Man, it was just, ‘Well, let me put all the character stuff (on social media).’ It worked. When I was tweeting, it was always to drive the story and elevate myself as a performer and as a character. Once you get to the top, you’re kind of, for lack of a better term; punching down. That’s not as fun to watch. Nobody wants to see the top guy being an asshole to the guy beneath them unless you are a heel, which I am now, I suppose. Much to the love of everyone. Coming back, it’s such a tricky thing, I use it as a way to drive story, but it also really hurt people and I think you go on Twitter, less so Instagram, but you go on social media and it’s such angry place. I deleted all those apps of my phone and I don’t know if it’s a healthy place for people to be. In a weird way, I don’t want to contribute to it, but it’s also part of my job,” 

Becky Lynch is required to have social media as a WWE Superstar. A lot of storylines utilize social media to give more depth and amp things up. We’ll have to see if a wave of human decency takes over social media to clear out the toxicity, but Becky Lynch will still be doing her thing on the platforms regardless.

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Felix Upton

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