Mustafa Ali is one of the most under-booked WWE superstars. The Money In The Bank 2019 contender was extremely close to winning, but The Beast Incarnate drained him of all his chances when he returned in shocking fashion.

Ali was the guest on WWE’s The Bump, where he opened up about a lot of his feelings from the time. He also talked about how no one really stood up for him after he came back from a near career-ending injury.

I got the Money in the Bank spot, right? And then Brock Lesnar… a guy that’s not even in the match comes out and just pushed me off the ladder – where’s the hashtags for that?

The fed-up Superstar also pointed out how after his return that KofiMania had everyone’s attention. He emphasized on the lack of social media movements in his favor, and how Brock Lesnar essentially stole his limelight.

You mentioned one person did a hashtag, #JusticeForAli. Listen, I’m that same guy that came back from a serious, almost career-ending injury in weeks, and all I heard was, ‘Kofi, Kofi, Kofi,’ night in and night out. And yeah, I’ve moved on, I’ve moved on… Same thing at Money In The Bank. The next night, they were dancing with Brock [Lesnar]. Where was #JusticeforAli then?” said Mustafa Ali.

Ali recently claimed that he’s the most underutilized WWE talent. However, he had a touching story to share about Triple H after he was hospitalized due to his injury. He also revealed that he is not too thrilled about his current partnership.

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