JBL is one of the most legendary performers from the Attitude ERA. While the Hall of Famer has a long and accomplished career to look back to, he had a lot of problems at one point. He was involved in the infamous Brawl For All, a shoot fight boxing competition that will go down as one of the worst booking ideas in WWE history. At least JBL didn’t come out empty handed.

The WWE legend appeared on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast. He talked about how WWE’s Brawl For All Tournament helped him afford a home in Texas when he really needed it. JBL stated:

I loved The Brawl for All. I had fun in it. I won 3 fights. I got my first house because of The Brawl for All. I was able, in Athens, TX to buy a house for $84,600 I think it was. My Brawl for All winnings were $40,000. I was lucky, I think, that Bart knocked me out because Butterbean, we realized at that point the difference between professional fighters and just good, tough fighters.

JBL also had a good word for Bart, who knocked him out. He implied that had he been knocked out by a tough fighter, that might have caused some undesirable complications.

Bart Gunn, great guy, and a really tough guy knocking out all the talent. It’s just the difference is when he stepped up to a trained professional.

JBL revealed an instance when Brock Lesnar offered to put him over because his friends were in the crowd. He also revealed that The Undertaker mistreated him when they worked together.

The legend goes that the entire Brawl For All tournament was arranged to show up JBL. He said something about being impervious to a knockout and powers-that-be wanted him to prove it, or prove him wrong. At least he got a house out of the deal.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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