It was during a recent conversation with Chris Hero for the Shoot Conversations on The Highspots Wrestling Network, that that Rawley discussed the time he partied with pop and rap star, P. Diddy, right before he was to main event house show with none other than Samoa Joe, reports

Mojo Rawley didn’t taste gold over at NXT, but some would say that he got the next best thing in being to be able to rub shoulders with the likes of someone like Diddy.

Rawley details the events of one particular wild night in Miami, of all places, in his comments:

“That was great. I had some live events with him. It reminds me of a funny story. I was out in Miami partying with the boys one weekend and we were at this club and we were going nuts. P. Diddy was there and I guess he spotted me and was hyping me up on the mic because I was dancing my ass off…


“Anyways, I had to leave to go catch my flight, but the club owner was like, ‘You’ve got this place rocking, you’re not leaving until you finish doing your thing.’ What ended up happening was, he literally canceled my flight and booked me a private jet to fly me from Miami to wherever the first live event was. I get there and found out I was main eventing with Joe…

“I literally went from the club to the private jet and get off in the middle of nowhere. I was the first one there because I landed early. I wrestled Joe, we worked together that loop.”

Of course the loop in question here is a loop of house shows…essentially non televised events. On Samoa Joe and how he was to work with, Rawley had nothing but great things to say:

“I loved working Joe. Not only because he’s a vet and he’s so good. In my opinion, I think Samoa Joe is the most underrated guy in the company, especially on the mic. I always would have loved to have a program with Joe…

“That was my last match before I got called up all the way. We had some good ones. It was two big guys who were battling. I thought the TV match showed some promise and I felt really comfortable with Joe. We called most of it in the ring and put together very little beforehand.”

Mojo Rawley was recently in the Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie and he serves as co-host for TMZ Sports.

Domenic Marinelli

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