Tessa Blanchard had been struggling quite a bit after her IMPACT Wrestling release. While NWA were interested in signing her on, WWE & AEW kept their distance from the former IMPACT Women’s World Champion.

Blanchard has been declared “nuclear” by other brands, but that’s not all there is to her. Chelsea Green on her “Green with Envy” podcast hit her with another accusation, though it doesn’t carry as much weight.

Green revealed that Blanchard put on her IMPACT Title when they were performing at the All In PPV. Chelsea suspected that she was doing so to have an upper hand over others for intimidation. She said:

We didn’t know who was winning the match until the day of All In, until the afternoon actually. Tessa, who was in our match, brought her f**king IMPACT title to the show and tried to come out with it. In my mind, it was a way to look better than all of us. Bringing out a title, being the only person to come to the ring with a title, the fans are obviously immediately going to put you above the rest. Also, I feel like she did it because she knew that if she came out with the title, she couldn’t lose the title on the show. She couldn’t lose the title on a show that wasn’t IMPACT Wrestling. At that time, there was no way that would happen. Nowadays, f**k, the door is open. Anyone can wrestle anywhere and anyone can win or lose any title in any (company). A couple of years ago, that wouldn’t happen.

Blanchard has finally found her place with WOW Women Of Wrestling, but a lot of people suspect that she could have had a better place in WWE or AEW. Her entry into the promotion only lends more credence to her “nuclear” image in the pro-wrestling world.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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