Dominik Mysterio entered WWE to carry on his family’s legacy and that is no easy task to undertake. He does not wear a mask like his famous father, but there is still plenty of time for that. Dominik recently commented that the endgame is to take over his father’s name.

While speaking to Kevin Kellam, Dominik Mysterio went into why he didn’t debut in WWE with a mask on. He has trained with a mask on, so he can operate in the ring with a hood on his face. Rey Mysterio’s son also revealed that he wanted to debut with a mask on, but everything happened so fast in terms of his debut.

“It was thought about, it was talked about. When I would go and train, I would train with a mask on, just so I would know the feeling, how to get used to it. Moving it around, things like that, breathing. So yeah, I would train with the mask on, ’cause I wanted to debut with the mask on. I wanted to debut traditionally as a Mysterio with the mask.”

“But, everything happened so fast, and all these opportunities started presenting themselves. My face was already on TV, so there’s no point in putting a mask on. Unless, at this point… it’s a passing of the torch for my dad. I think that’s the only way we could do it at this point that would work.”

We’ll have to see if/when Dominik Mysterio puts a mask on to wrestle in WWE. Odds are it will happen, but Dominik is enjoying this stage of his career for now. The big question is whether WWE will have two masked Mysterios at the same time, or if Dominik will wait until his legendary father hangs up his own mask.

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Felix Upton

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