WWE and AEW conduct their business in a different fashion, yet they are in the same industry. Vince McMahon’s company typically has higher ticket prices and that led to Tony Khan’s company, who just celebrated their two-year anniversary, to catch up to WWE in a big way in terms of ticket sales and interest in key demographics.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed AEW and WWE’s ongoing competition. At this point AEW is earning a higher number for males in their key demographic. Taking out both company’s largest shows, AEW is also outperforming WWE in big ways when it comes to getting butts in the seats.

“AEW Dynamite is ahead of RAW with men and you know, it’s not for a week it’s for the month. AEW live attendance is way above [WWE] even if you throw out the Arthur Ashe Stadium, they’re well ahead.”

“I did throw out SummerSlam for WWE because I wanna know how they’re actually doing and not use a number that’s an aberration that skews [the numbers].”

AEW is doing impressive numbers and certainly giving WWE, a company with a 40-year head start, a run for their money. Vince McMahon’s company will continue on with blinders on and not acknowledge their competition, but that won’t stop AEW from catching up to them in some very impressive numbers.

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Felix Upton

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