WWE is getting ready for another trip to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. Goldberg is going with them again, this time to face Bobby Lashley in a no holds barred match. He also had a huge match against Bray Wyatt at Super Showdown which stands as the moment pro wrestling died for EC3.

Bray Wyatt is no longer with WWE, a move that shocked many outside of the pro wrestling bubble. He was legitimately one of the company’s biggest stars and now the entire pro wrestling world is paying attention to what he does next.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, EC3 opened up about his time in WWE. He spoke about how brilliant Bray Wyatt is and how he wasn’t even in Saudi Arabia for that Super Showdown match. It was still a night that EC3 can pinpoint as the moment he stopped loving pro wrestling due to how they extinguished The Fiend’s flames in such rapid fashion.

“Bray Wyatt, Windham, is one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever met, especially in this industry,” EC3 said. “I’ve watched him from his inception in FCW coming in as Axel Mulligan and develop what he did and find inspiration he finds in the world outside of the wrestling bubble and bring it in all these unique ways. He was one person that really inspired the Control Your Narrative movement because I’ve never seen somebody so creative try so hard, and be so unique, and do so many different things and take it upon himself to create these things, creating The Fiend and The Funhouse.”

“I’m like, this is amazing, and then I remember, I would call this the day wrestling died for me, I wasn’t even there, when he just got beat by Goldberg. I’ve watched this man work so hard, and be so unique, and be so creative, and do so many different things, and take it upon himself developing something so special, to have it just thrown away by someone’s decision. That’s where Control Your Narrative came from. Tell your story within the narrative.”

“No matter what company you’re in and no matter how much ‘creative freedom’ you may have, there’s still somebody there that’s going to make decisions and calls and manipulate and play with so it’s never unadulterated. It’s never pure. What I want to create is a forum, a platform for any talent who knock on my door to freely, creatively explore themselves, the personas, the realities in the truest form possible.”

“So it’s taking a while. It’s hard work getting it off the ground and portraying something completely different to a world that is programmed to, like we’re talking about, the same things. To bring it to their attention, I think having Adam’s involvement, really put a rocket ship on it and will help the growth of this and hopefully the ideas, and hopefully, more and more people knocking. Hopefully, I hear a fiendish cackle outside that door when I hear a knock one day. I’m really praying to hear that.”

Ringside News exclusively reported that Bray Wyatt and AEW have spoken to each other. there is also reason to believe that Impact Wrestling is further along in terms of talks.

EC3 is controlling his own narrative now. He recently invited Braun Strowman to take part in that pay-per-view event, and there are more to come. Perhaps Windham Rotunda will make an appearance during a future EC3 pay-per-view event. If anything, fans will certainly flock to his next location whether it is AEW or Impact Wrestling.

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