WWE is making plans for the next year, and that could mean taking SummerSlam across the ocean. We will have to see if that actually happens, because WWE has teased a United Kingdom pay-per-view for years.

A report came out that Cardiff, Wales is currently a frontrunner to host 2021’s SummerSlam event. That is far from confirmed, in fact, some are under a “I’ll believe it when I see it,” mentality.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer expanded on the story and relayed the opinion that they should hold a pay-per-view event in the U.K. The problem is that it is not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination.

“There is a report that SummerSlam next year is going to be in Cardiff, Wales, that is far from a done deal. Obviously, there is talk of Cardiff, Wales, and probably somewhere else in the U.K. so, that would be interesting timeslot wise. That’s why I don’t think its’ going to be SummerSlam, because it would have to be in the afternoon and I don’t know if they’ll want to do that.”

“With Peacock, it’s not like they’ll lose pay-per-view buys over it, because they have guaranteed money. Since they’re guaranteed the money they should do a pay-per-view in the U.K, I mean they should have done one a year, like one of those B-shows every year.”

Fans in the United Kingdom just welcomed WWE back as they took a few live events over to them. It is possible that SummerSlam could come to those passionate fans next year as well.

A WWE pay-per-view in the UK would likely start around 1:00 PM EST for fans on the East Coast. That is the same start time that WWE has for their Crown Jewel event in October.

It was also reported that WWE is working to bring fans back to NXT UK television tapings. That seems like a much more likely situation than SummerSlam moving locations to another continent, but you can also never count out WWE’s capabilities when they have guaranteed money coming in and no longer need to rely on pay-per-view buys to generate revenue.

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