Ruby Soho is one of the many talents who got released from WWE without much of reason. She still keeps in strong contact with Liv Morgen and recently revealed that there wasn’t much of relationship between her and Vince McMahon.

Soho recently sat down with Bleacher Report for an interview. The former WWE talent talked about her debut in AEW and how she spent her time while waiting for her non-compete clause to end.

I built a farm. I have three horses. I’ve wanted horses since I was a kid. Basically, the one thing that you would expect me not to have, like the lifestyle that you expect me not to live, is the lifestyle I actually live [laughs]. I bought a house right before I got released and it had a farm on it. I managed to come across some horses, so I kind of remodeled a lot of stuff and did a lot of things with that. So, that was something I kind of focused on. Sarah Rowe actually started it and then she kind of spread the farm bug to all of us.

Ruby’s preference for the kind of life she’s building for herself is completely out of fans’ expectations. She also revealed that a lot of her down time was spent upon focusing on her mental health.


I really focused on my mental health a lot during that time. Because, you know, it was very difficult after I got released. It was very, very taxing on my mental health. And so I focused a lot on going to therapy and really just making sure that I was in the right headspace and the healthiest headspace for me to return back to pro wrestling.

Soho’s relationship with AEW might have seemed recent to some, but she explained that she was fan of the promotion long before her release. She also added that her goal in AEW is to hold title on national television.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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