Bryan Danielson has been making strides in AEW after he left WWE. However, he recently gave them a tremendous letter, thanking them for everything he’s gained from them. He’s soon to go toe-to-toe against Kenny Omega, but he’s currently making headlines for something entirely unrelated.

Danielson is a vocal advocate and practitioner of the Vegan diet. He’s explicitly eaten only vegan meals in his long stint at WWE as a wrestling and a creative entity. However, he has some wonky ideas about the fruits he eat within the diet when people claim that he’s killing plants as well.

As I tend towards a vegan diet and people say all sorts of things about a vegan diet, I find it really fascinating that nobody really brings this up; if you eat an apple — people say, ‘Oh, you kill plants.’ No, I don’t really kill plants. When I eat an apple, the tree doesn’t die.

Bryan appeared on Barstool’s The Yak, and expounded upon apples. He had a lot more to add to it, saying that it’s the seed inside the fruits which ensure their survival. Weird or not, it still makes for a very optimistic take on the topic.

Essentially, I’m eating the tree’s sperm. I’m eating the sperm. It’s tree semen. That’s how they reproduce other trees. Most fruits are semen. Real fruits are semen because they contain the seed inside of them. In theory, that has to be planted into the ground for another tree to grow.

Bryan is going to make his AEW in-ring debut at AEW Grand Slam, but Renee Paquette is pushing for a feud between Jon Moxley and Danielson already. Meanwhile, Pete Dunee is already next in line to face the former WWE superstar.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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