Dark Side of the Ring exposed the darkest parts of the Plane Ride From Hell. Ric Flair trended and fans are calling for AEW to never bring in the Nature Boy. Tommy Dreamer was also suspended from Impact Wrestling and tons of fans are speaking about practices in WWE, including the act of “no selling” offensive behavior.

Terri Runnels was told to “no sell” Brock Lesnar flashing her. She later dragged the size and color of Lesnar’s junk. Then she was also told to “no sell” Dustin Runnels singing her a love song over the plane’s PA system.

Maria Kanellis spoke out about he idea of “no selling” offensive events for the betterment of the business. She said that it was always blamed on “boys being boys,” and that is a culture that some people still wish was still in practice.

It was always, “don’t sell it, don’t let them see you cry, you are lucky to be here, boys being boys, it’s funny, etc etc…” all lies to hide the grossness of it all. It was a culture that some people still try and uphold today. “Back in my day…” is part of that lie.

That tweet was in response to ROH’s Ian Riccaboni, and he replied to Kanellis to say, “I’m so sorry, Maria.” She responded with another long tweet, “It was all for power and for us to be submissive. Playing dumb kept me safe back then but now I fight against all that nonsense. We were all afraid in WWE. I refuse to be afraid anymore.”

One fan asked Maria if this practice contributed to her failed second run in the company. “The talent changed. The talent was my favorite part of my last run. I received nothing but respect from my contemporaries. The office needs to change. The focus needs to be on the physical and mental health of their talent. They need an HR department that is not WWE run,” Maria Kanellis responded.

We’ll have to see what the rest of Dark Side of the Ring season 3 brings, but they certainly got the second part of this season started with an attention-grabbing subject.

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Felix Upton

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