Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz on Raw earlier this year to win the WWE Championship. After Lashley’s successful title defense against Goldberg, he is proclaimed as unstoppable. Lashley’s title reign is now one for the record books.

Lashley became only the third black WWE Champion in history. He stands alongside Kofi Kingston and The Rock who have each held the WWE Championship. Lashley’s reign has champion has now surpassed both men in term of consecutive days as champion.

Kingston’s emotional victory at WrestleMania 35 lead to a 180 day championship reign. The Rock, while being an eight-time champion, only had his longest reign as champion be 119 days. As of now Lashley’s reign comes in at 183 days as WWE Champion.

The Rock still holds the record for most days overall as WWE Champion with 367 days carrying the title during his 8 reigns.


The reign of The All Mighty Lashley is still going strong. With Lashley fending off many major challengers such as Drew McIntyre and recently Goldberg at WrestleMania and SummerSlam respectively.

The future of Lashley’s title reign still remains unknown as he looks toward Randy Orton as his next likely challenger. Whatever is in store for Lashley as WWE Champion, The All Mighty already had a record-breaking reign.

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Jack Waynick

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