Bianca Belair lost the SmackDown Women’s Title at SummerSlam to someone who wasn’t even promoted to be in a match against her. Becky Lynch returned early, as Ringside News exclusively reported her debut was pushed up due to Sasha Bank being unable to compete. This was a call that enraged many fans and it trended all night on August 21st because of that.

Sean Waltman use his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast as a sounding board recently. He spoke out about WWE’s booking of Bianca Belair in a squash match and how little it did for anyone involved. He is not pleased just like so many others.

“Bianca is on her way to being a MEGA star, and a lot of people are really emotionally invested in her. You can’t do that to people in this day and age,” Waltman pointed out. “You used to be able to do it. That’s why I was saying that was the old mentality, but everyone knows what’s going on. The fan base is incredibly educated, and WWE, I’ve heard them compare themselves to Marvel. Marvel, when it comes to fan service, they’re amazing. This ain’t it.

“You can’t sh*t on a huge portion of your fan base like that. I’m a huge Becky Lynch fan, really big. I was so happy with her run and when she got the bloody nose, cut the promo and all that sh*t, and I’m still a big fan. This did her no favors. It was just unbelievable. Bianca, she’s a thoroughbred. It’s just totally unbelievable that she would get beat that quick by anybody in that f*cking roster. MAYBE Nia [Jax].”


The story is not over in this situation, because Becky Lynch is now a top heel on SmackDown, a designation that was her request. Now we’ll have to see what’s next in this situation, and if WWE can somehow rebound from this seemingly short-sighted booking decision.

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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