Fandango had a nice career prior to entering WWE. As Johnny Curtis, he traveled the indie wrestling scene, but his push in Vince McMahon’s company eventually stalled. He was left to his own devices, and there wasn’t much for him creatively. After linking up with Tyler Breeze, he did some cool things with Breezango, but then the act was shipped back to NXT until their eventual releases. Dango never took to complaining online like many others, and there is a reason for that.

Rewind Recap Relive recently spoke to Fandango when he breached the subject of wrestlers complaining about their spots. He said that was not his style at all, and he explained his thinking as well. Instead of getting online, he suggested to grab someone backstage who can help you create something for your character.

“Look at the people that have been on TV for years and years and years. It’s because the Christians, the Edges, the Jerichos, because when their role is up and whatever they’re doing is stagnant and stale, they’re thinking of the next thing, you know? And what can I come up with next? What’s the next big hit?”

“Instead of just sitting in the back and b*tching or complaining or, ‘I’m not on TV’ or tweeting about [it] which a lot of people do now. Just grab a [WWE] dot com guy and start cutting promos and be proactive.”

“At least if you get released from the company, you can’t look back at your career and be like, ‘Man, I wish I tried this or I wish I was a little more proactive’ because it’s easy to get stuck in that woe is me bullsh*t. Like, ‘Oh, I’m not on TV. I should be on TV, I’m better than this.’ It’s this weird juggling act of caring but not caring — not caring too much. I don’t know. It’s this weird juggling act. It’s like you don’t wanna sell that you’re not totally happy in your position but, you wanna be proactive to get to where you wanna be.”

Fandango is 40-years-old and is coming off a 15-year run with WWE if you count his developmental days in FCW and Deep South Wrestling. That is an impressive accomplishment and he was given his share of the spotlight, even if he had to grab it himself. Hopefully, others follow his lead and stay on a quest to be productive rather than complaining.

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