Wardlow has improved as a wrestler ever since he debuted on AEW in 2019. Having the size of a huge wrestlers that were popular in years gone by, Wardlow thinks that he is currently reactivating the movement back to the days when pro-wrestling was all about the big and the strong.

While talking to Mark Madden’s radio show, Wardlow revealed to the former WCW announcer, that he is very excited about the return of an era when it was about big superstars clashing with each other.

What’s old is new. I think with the help of myself and a few others that old school, you know 90s big dude’s messing people up is exciting again and starting to pick up again.

When the question of his run with The Pinnacle was breached, the AEW star drew comparisons with Evolution. He also likened himself to former WWE superstar and Hall of Famer Batista’s career as a WWE superstar.

It’s incredible. I was a fan of a different group of four individuals growing up. They also had a member of the Four Horsemen in it. So to be in a group, with an original member of the Four Horsemen and to take on the Batista role of the group who I was a huge fan of. So the way my career is mimicking his is almost absolutely terrifying to me. Because my career’s mimicking his in such a way, it’s just mind-blowing. I was such a fan of his. So I’m excited to watch it continue to go in that direction.

Wardlow is going to face Batista’s own former rival, Chris Jericho, which draws another parallel between Wardlow and Batista. Wardlow is the 4th “Labour of Jericho,” after which Jericho can face MJF. Only time will tell if Wadlow’s career will find the same success as Big Dave Bautista.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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